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Cuemaker: Andy Gilbert
Stock Number: #052710-1
Shafts: 2/13mm
Price: $850.00 (SOLD)
Four Points of Cocobolo into beautiful Birdseye Maple Forearm. Highly Figured Cocobolo Butt Sleeve. Southwest Style Rings at A, D, and E. Black w/white spec Irish Linen wrap. Length 58". Weight 18.8 oz 3/8" x 10 Stainless Joint Pin. Black Phenolic Joint Collar and Butt Cap. Signed by Andy Gilbert. This cue comes with a Nick Varner 2 butt/ 2 shaft Vinyl case with two pockets. This is a USED CUE in very good condition. Very well balanced and solid hitting cue.

Cuemaker: Andy Gilbert
Stock Number: #050517-1
Shafts: 1/13 mm
Price: $ 1,525.00 (SOLD)
Four Long points of Gabon Ebony into very highly figured Birdseye Maple forearm. Veneers are Natural, Orange, and Black inside out. Each point has an inlaid Ivory diamond. Gabon Ebony butt sleeve with four Ivory diamonds inlaid. Ebony and Ivory checkered rings outlined with silver rings @ A, B, C, D, and E. Ivory Joint and Ivory Butt Cap. Solid Black Irish Linen Wrap. 3/8" x 10 Stainless Joint Pin. Length 58" Weight 19.2 oz. Fantastic Playing cue. This is a USED Cue in excellent condition. Joint Protectors included.